White Tennis Skirt – Perfect for the Court – Reviews

It’s summer and the weather is hot and balmy. It’s the perfect morning for a game of tennis before the temperature really sores. You grab your racket, ball and gym bag only to realize that you only have your black joggers and you’ll roast as things heat up for the day. Why not try out a new, white tennis skirt for your next game. The color is light and cool and you may get a bit of a breeze if you’re not restricted to joggers. Plus, they are super cute!

My #1 Pick for the Best White Tennis Skirt

Werena High Waisted White Tennis Skirt

  • 2 hidden pockets for phone or tennis ball
  • Breathable material
  • Comfort fit design
  • Flattering pleats are slimming
  • Great for casual or sport

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White Tennis Skirt Reviews

Werena High Waisted White Tennis Skirt

Werena makes a killer white tennis skirt. Designed to be the perfect outfit for sports or casual events, this skirt boasts two pockets built into the inner shorts, for safe storage of all your belongings. The wide elastic waistband keeps things comfortable and adds an extra flair at the top.


Werena Traditional Pleated White Tennis Skirt

Another great Werena brand skirt is the traditional-look skirt. With a card pocket on the back waistband, a ball pocket on the left side of the inner shorts and a phone pocket on the right side of the inner shorts, you’ll have all the space you need to keep your hands free for your racket. The polyester-spandex mixed material used for the under shorts is a soft and stretchy fabric and stays put nicely on the upper leg. 


Ekouaer Pleated White Tennis Workout Skirt

The Ekouaer white tennis skirt has so many great features to it starting with the headphone cable hole to help make listening while you play even easier. With hidden interior pockets to store your valuables, you’ll love the functionality. It has a uniquely Ekouaer design to it as well with the front seam curving downward for a sleek and classy look. 


Raroauf Active Tennis White Mini Skirt

This cute skirt is soooo comfortable. The drawstring closure makes it easily adjustable. The interior shorts phone pocket is a great way to keep your valuables safe, secure and hidden.  The polyester-spandex mixed material is great at wicking sweat and allowing air to flow freely helping to keep you cool. Overall just a really solid choice for a white tennis skirt. The only downside may be that there is no ball pocket but still a great skirt. 


Toumett Tennis Skirt

The Toumett skirt has built-in phone and tennis ball pockets. The pleated design is a bit unique. It offers up a flat front material which is flanked by pleated sides. Great for a simple but elegant look and feel. One complaint about this particular skirt is that it runs a bit large. Consider one size down or at the very least check your sizing carefully before you order. 


BALEAF White Tennis Skirt Skort

Baleaf is one of my favorite brands when it comes to athletic apparel. They just seem to get what I’m looking for when it comes to clothing. This white tennis skirt has gentle waves rather than pleats to give it body and looks so cute when twirled. It’s simple yet functional with its ball pocket and phone pocket. It also has a hidden card pocket for your gym card or court access card. I love the logo on the side as well. They just did everything right but if I had to pick something I was less than crazy about, I would love to have seen a slightly smaller tummy support band. Otherwise, love!


Oalka White Skirt for Running, Golf and Tennis

Oalka features a polyester-spandex blended mesh undergarment for superior air movement. The shorts have no problem staying in place even during the most vigorous workouts. The skirt itself has a flared feel to it; a very smooth look overall. Zippered side pockets add some extra secure storage and a back inner pocket stores your phone. Overall not a bad choice for quality but a little light on the functionality unless zippered pockets are a must for you. 


HEAD White Tennis Skirt with Ball Pocket

Head designed a tennis skirt that will really help improve your game. A sleek, sexy look for tennis, golf, running, jogging or general exercise. Flat seams along the sides only add to the comfort. It’s recommended to purchase one size up as they do run on the smaller side especially in the hip areas. 


Cityoung Golf and Tennis Skirt

The Cityoung white tennis skirt has a very sleek look to it. The front of the skirt is completely flat while the back has a flared, pleated look to it with an arched hem that enhances natural curves. A wide waistband with inner drawstring helps keep things from sliding down as you move and run for the ball. A mesh inner lining covers and controls and exterior pockets give you a place to store valuables. 


Urban CoCo Mini Tennis Skater Skirt Without Under Shorts

Looking for a tennis skirt without shorts integrated into it? This is really hard to come by but Urban CoCo has got you covered. This is a crazy popular skirt that everyone seems to love. The material is slightly textured to give a fuller, higher quality feel and won’t get blown up with every little breeze. It has a flowy feel and twirls nicely when you turn. There are just the right number of pleats to give the skirt some body to it without going overboard. The waistband is soft and flexible 

Urban CoCo

Owning a white tennis skirt can be freeing. It has the ability to keep you cool with its bright color but also keeps you covered. It has a great look that is sure to impress and flatter. Looking for other great workout gear? Check out the perfect pink leggings right here.