Lululemon Define Jacket – Know Before You Buy

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Lululemon has long been the choice for classy, sportswear that stretches the boundaries of style and functionality possible in a jacket. Their lineup has a large variety of colors and patterns to choose from but their real claim to fame is in the quality materials used in their designs. Unfortunately, their price can be a bit out of reach for some. Why not try something that’s different but stylistically similar. There are plenty of Lululemon Define Jacket DUPES available on the internet as well but we find items that are inspired by the brand names are often far superior than the dupes plus you can still hit the gym in style without breaking the budget.



Lululemon Define Jacket

This is Lululemon’s flagship jacket and the classic choice for many active women across the nation. Its cottony-soft Luon fabric incorporates Lycra fiber woven throughout to increase stretch and comfort. This jacket is the perfect choice for yoga in the park, spring or fall trips to the gym and cool, brisk walks in the evening where a t-shirt just won’t quite cut it. 

The Lululemon Define Jacket is a more slimming, fitted jacket that sits just below the beltline or waist area. 

A feature we really love that is included with every Define Jacket is the thumbholes and Cuffins which really assist in keeping the wind and cool air off your wrists helping to keep the warmth in and the chills out. Check out this huge selection of colors!

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Incognito Camo Multi Grey

Heritage 365 Camo Dark Olive Multi



Dark Red


Acclimatize Black Black Foil (Shine)

Ice Wash Asphalt Grey (Ice Dye)

Floral Spritz Multi

Ice Wash Violet Verbena

True Navy

Wee Are from Space Frosted Mulberry Black Currant

Wee Are from Space Sage Dark Olive

Ice Wash Moss Green (Ice Dye)

Porcelain Pink

Cherry Tint

Formation Camo Evergreen Multi

Lululemon Define Jacket Hooded

Looking for some extra warmth? Lululemon also makes a Define Hooded Jacket to complement its lineup. 


Heritage 365 Camo Green Twill

Feather Pink

Incognito Camo Multi Gator Green

Diamond Dye Pitch Grey Graphite Grey

Game Day Blue Multi

Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi

Polar Shift Inverse Alpine White Black

Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal

Here’s What We like Better Than Lululemon Define Jacket Dupes

These are some of our favorite jackets and they’re even better than Lululemon Define Jacket dupes available on the market. Similar in many but not all ways to Lululemon define jackets, these alternative choices provide a perfect fit, quality material, and a chic look you may not get in even a Lululemon Define Jacket. 

QUEENIEKE’s Outperform Define Jacket Dupes

This jacket was designed with yoga in mind. With a shape fitted to the contours of your body and its four-way stretch design, you can move freely without feeling restricted in any way. A high-performance fabric is truly at the heart of this jacket as well as strategically placed mesh to maximize ventilation. Similar to the Lululemon Align Jacket, the QUEENIEKE Jacket has fold-over cuffs and a thumb hole to keep your hands warmer as the evening begins to cool or for those early morning enthusiasts. 

As far as looks go, this particular jacket is as close to Lulus as it gets. The lines flow in the right areas to mimic the style and the back also shares an amazing resemblance. 

Begonia Pink

Black With White Lines

Dahlia Purple

Pink Jacquard

Blue White Space Dye

Mung Bean

Pale Pinkish Purple

Rose Red



Dark Grey

Light Grey

Black Pro


Grey Jacquard

Grey Melange

Lycra Black


Dark Navy




Blue Black Space Dye

Dusty Lavender


Navy Blue Jacquard


White Space Dye

90 Degree’s Has a Much Better Fit than Lululemon Jacket Dupes

Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, running, any type of workout, or just plain old everyday use, the 90 Degree brand jacket is the perfect piece of activewear for every occasion. Comfort is an important consideration when choosing the right jacket and the 90 Degree jacket offers that and more. The nylon and spandex material mix creates a soft, breathable barrier from the elements and prevents overheating while providing adequate ventilation. 

A fitted look offers the right mix of comfort and style accentuating the great qualities of every body shape. Two front pockets add to this jacket’s functionality helping you to store your wallet, smartphone or keys.


City Aqua

Deep Crimson

Deep Moss

Grey Mauve

Indian Ocean

Maple Sugar

Plum Shadow

Blue Spruce

Echo Grey

Evening Plum

Shadow Petal

Carbon Zero

Chinois Green

Mountain Clay

Rose Valet

Lock and Love’s Jackets are Superior to Many Dupes

Lock and Love have designed a great Lulu-Like jacket for the gym and everywhere else too! 

Featuring hidden mesh areas, these vents allow the flow of fresh air to cool your body as you exercise. 

Another feature we love about this jacket is the stand-up collar. It helps keep you warm during those cooler evening runs and adds a sensational splash of style to the look. Lock and Love have also decided to go with a reflective logo to add a bit of safety to that same evening outing.

Patented Rapid Dry technology is built in to help keep you dry and super-stretch materials allow for unobstructed movement in every direction. 

Baltic Blue


Heather Charcoal


Pink Moscato

Wine Tasting



Yogalicious Makes Jackets that Are More Comfortable than Define Dupes

Another company taking a run at the Lululemon Define Jacket is one of our favorites, Yogalicious. Well known for their stylish and flattering clothing designs, they really hit a home run with this piece of activewear gold. Designed with long, rounded seams the material is sewn closely to follow your silhouette and every curve. 

This jacket is the perfect outer layer over a Lululemon sports bra or any style of fitted t-shirt or my favorite, a “Shop the Look” tank which is better than an Align Tank Top Dupe. The perfect cover-up during your cool down. Great for the trip home after a long, hard workout at the gym or brisk jog in the park.

Dawn Pink

Orchid Haze

Black Camo Lux

Sykooria’s Outperforms Lululemon Define Jacket Dupes

Sykoorias offers a stylistically similar alternative to Lululemon define jackets that are way better than a Lululemon Define Jacket dupe as well and it comes in 3 different colors. A Camo Black, Camo Green, and a classy Jacquard Purple (an almost flower-like pattern). With all the classic features of the Define jacket, Sykooria offers the stand-up collar for neck protection and warmth, a zipper back pocket for valuables, and thumbholes to increase hand coverage and warmth for cooler weather workouts. 

This jacket was designed with active women in mind. It’s the ideal outfit topper for yoga, hiking, running, any other type of workout, or everyday use.


Camo Green

Jacquard Purple

QUALIDYNE’s Better than Dupes

Although Qualidyne wasn’t at the top of our list, they still make a killer jacket that gives all Lululemon Define Jacket Dupes a run for their money and we love their design and feel. They certainly did not skimp on quality. 

They managed to design a lightweight, jacket that mimics Lululemons to a “T”. A super-soft layer reduces overheating and increases ventilation. Two side zipper pockets, as well as a hidden inner pocket, offer a great place to store your keys, cards, and phones while exercising!

Moisture-wicking technology keeps sweat away from your skin allowing you to dry quickly keeping you comfortable and dry throughout your workout. 


Bean Paste Red


Dense Forest Green

Heather Grey

Purple Grey


Wine Red

Great Alternatives to Lululemon Define Jacket Hooded Dupes

Although most prefer the original look of the Luluemon Define non-hooded jacket, we know there are many who really love those brisk spring and fall evening runs so these hooded versions are just for you!

Better Alternatives to Yogalicious’s Lululemon Hooded Dupes

Yogalicious has a great lineup of clothing that beats the quality of most hooded Lululemon Define Style dupes. Their lineup consists of four colors. Royal Saphire (a dark purple), Stonewash (a light blue), Frosted Lilac (a lighter purple) and the traditional Solid Black. 

It offers a velvety feeling hood to help keep your ears warm and the cool breeze off the back of your neck and boasts a great fit that curves as your body curves just right. This jacket makes a great alternative to the Lululemon Define Hooded Jacket in every way. The quality is so much better than any Lululemon dupe.

Royal Sapphire



Frosted Lilac

VUTRU’s Lineup is More Comfortable than Lululemon Define Hooded Dupes

Vutru offers a similar look to the Yogalicious with the exception of an air vent across the back. This provides a bit more airflow and makes for a more comfortable run or workout session. 

A slightly higher than average collar helps protect your neck from the cold when the hood is up and has a great feel to it. One of the only drawbacks to this jacket is the limited color selection. It’s currently only available in Black and Burgundy. 



BALEAF’s Better Quality than Define Hooded Dupes

The Baleaf Hooded Jacket is our final contender and it certainly holds its own in the world of workout gear. Again, only offered in two color choices however these colors are much more exciting. 

One great feature is that Baleaf decided to go with drawstrings for the hood, a more traditional nod towards the original Lululemon Define Hooded Jacket. This is important as it allows you to sinch out the cold around your face while running into the wind. Something which happens regularly to avid joggers

Again, great quality and a great material perfectly designed with an active lifestyle in mind. 

B-red Heather

Blue Heather

Black Heather

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the lookout for a new jacket and you’re looking for something stylish, functional and affordable all at once, any of these great jackets get glowing reviews and will definitely help take your training to the next level.