Is a Supreme Fanny Pack Worth the Money? What’s Better?

Nothing is more convenient than carrying your important valuables with you in a fanny pack while you’re hiking or spending the day shopping or touring. But traditionally they can be a bit of a fashion eyesore. The Supreme fanny pack has put an end to that and created a fashionable way to have convenience and looks at the same time. But it’s not alone in its quest for sensible storage and cool-feel. A number of less expensive crossbody packs and bum-bags have entered the market and we’ll get into some of their great features in this article!

Alternatives to Supreme Fanny Pack Dupe

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

  • Great Fit
  • Great Feel, Super Comfortable
  • Good Value
  • Very Versatile
  • Similar Recognition Level
  • Quality Design

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Material Used in the Supreme Fanny Pack Cordura

Cordura made fabrics are often created using a blend of cotton and nylon however some formulas use straight nylon or other fabrics found in nature. Supreme makes their fanny packs using a cotton blend version of the cordura fabric by a company called Dimension Polyant.

How to Know if You Have a Real or Fake Supreme Fanny Pack

  • Stiff laces on zipper

  • No dash or line at the bottom of “Made in China” tag

  • When compared to fake, the lettering on the strap is slightly lighter

  • Back of belt clip should have writing on it

  • Soft or loser laces on zipper

  • Dash or line at the bottom “Made in China” in tag

  • When compared to real, the lettering on the strap is slightly darker

  • No writing on the back of the belt clip

Is Supreme Fanny Pack for Guys

The Supreme Fanny Pack comes in a wide array of shapes and colors making it a versatile choice for both guys and girls. Though it does tend to be a big hit with the male population perhaps in part due to its size, don’t let that deter you as it looks great on everyone. 

Supreme Fanny Pack Shoulder Bag Review

I can’t get enough of the Supreme fanny pack! While there are many features of the pouch that I am crazy about, its functionality and convenience truly top the charts. I would say it’s really well-thought-out because every pocket, strap, zippers and hook have been constructed with a precise purpose in mind. My only disappointment is in the price. It is hugely expensive and I can’t help but think that the price plays an enormous part in deciding whether or not it’s a good buy. 

Supreme Fanny Pack Zippers and Pockets

Right in the front, there is a single zipped space perfect for keeping the absolutely essential items that you often need to whip out as you go about your day. A much larger pocket follows this pocket. This one has double zippers and an expandable space that includes a compact pocket along with some mesh compartments. What’s extraordinary for me is that while the bigger pocket is able to store many of my items, the smaller hidden compartment in itself has a spacious storage capacity, which is not common in many packs.

Supreme Fanny Pack Quality and Durability

The mesh compartments are quite tight, which is a quality I look for since it can hold the items in their place without mixing with the rest of the things. However, I am not sure of its durability since it looks a bit frail and, over time, could become significantly loose, inevitably leading to tears. The see-through pockets on the sides are pretty accessible, too, especially if I would like to keep a water bottle there.

Supreme Fanny Pack Materials

The material used for the Supreme fanny pack is cordura from a company called Dimension Polyant, and it’s incredibly lightweight. The weightlessness is perfect because it doesn’t add to the load of the things that I keep inside. I do mind that the fabric isn’t the softest to touch, and it is a bit noisy when dealing with it. However, the fanny pack is waterproof, so it’s definitely an added benefit because I’d want my essentials to be safe from the common spillovers. Moreover, the padded backside which rests on my body protects the items in my pack from making it uncomfortable.

Straps and Other Features of the Supreme Fanny Pack

When it comes to the straps, they have the classic supreme logo imprinted throughout. It is stretchable, so you can extend it and not have any trouble wearing it. I like to wear it as a cross-body pack, but if I were to carry it as a fanny pack, the adjustable strap makes it a versatile and convenient option for me. The pack even comes with an extra strap, so you can always replace it if needed. The buckles, too, are sturdy and lock securely. It is supplied with many keychain holders, which can be seen as a design element, but to me, it just makes the pack bulky.

Style and Looks of the Supreme Fanny Pack

While the Supreme fanny pack checks all my convenience and quality criteria requirements, I wouldn’t say the same for the rest of it. The design is a bit disappointing, honestly. It is a simple, colorful design true to the brand, but I wish it were a little less messy. A lot is happening with the pack; logos are stamped everywhere, the drawstring zippers stand out awkwardly, and the keychain holders bulk up the pack. Besides the main logo engraved on the front, the other logos were not of excellent graphics, which leads me to believe they would erode quickly. 

Bottom Line

Other than a bit of drawback with the design part, I think the fanny pack by Supreme is a must. Since it is super accessible, anyone can wear it regardless of gender, which really opens it up to everyone. To sum it up, the Supreme pack is fashionable and functional- I don’t think I would pick any other crossover bodypack to carry my essentials.   

Alternatives to Supreme Fanny Pack Dupes

Zorfin Fanny Pack

If there were a fanny pack I could wear all the time, it would be this one! 

The Zorin fanny pack is an elegant and resourceful design. I love how it is minimal in its appearance yet features multiple pockets and large storage space. The zippers are in a contrasting and beautiful color of gold. However, the zippers are not attached to the pouch as well as they could be. They seem a bit fragile but only time will tell how well they hold up. 

The Zorfin is definitely the most versatile fanny pack out there. I am able to wear it as a crossover body bag, a fanny pack and even a purse, depending on my preference. Since the strap is quite huge and can be adjusted, I find it comfortable because it doesn’t restrict my movement in any way. Several color options are available too. 

I have noticed that once a lot of things are stored in the bag, the bag has a tendency to tip forward a bit, but that’s not a huge deal at all. The material itself is soft nylon that is water-resistant and lightweight. Sometimes I even forget it is on my waist and traveling around, I never have to fear that a spill might ruin it. But I wouldn’t risk overusing or washing it since the fabric won’t be able to sustain it. The buckles and zippers are cheaply made and not that sturdy. Though I absolutely adore the design, the only lowdown has been its overall quality.

Zorfin Fanny Packs

Lululemon Everywhere Bag

I am not sure I’ll be taking this bag anywhere, much less everywhere. 

While the bag is the perfect image of minimal and chic design, it really loses points in the convenience and functionality criteria. This fanny pack does not have many pockets, and the existing pockets are not exactly the most spacious. I had to eliminate most of the items from my essentials list to carry in this pouch, defeating its purpose.  

The quality of the fanny pack, however, is quite good. The zippers are well-functioning and made of sturdy material. The fabric of the pack is soft yet resilient. The same cannot be said of its inside liner, which has begun shedding a bit. It does not have a water-resistant feature either, which was a bit of a letdown.

The Lululemon bag is also a bit restrictive in its strap, which is adjustable but unfortunately not very inclusive. Due to its short length, it is almost impossible to wear the fanny pack as a crossover and can only work well as hip wear. It suffices to say I don’t highly recommend this pack except for its chic design.


Champion Prime Waist Bag

It is truly the champion of all fanny packs I ever got!

The Champion pack is one of the most durable packs I have used. It is made well, and the material feels good when worn. It might look a little bulky when stuffed but not to a level that may be concerning. The pockets are large and have a good storage capacity. I was able to fit my phone, wallet, passport, keys, medication and chapstick in, so I am pretty satisfied. 

The inside size zipper pouch also helps keep things organized better. I definitely would have preferred more compartments because I like to have separate space for all my items, but this worked fine. The branding is bold and very well embossed on the fanny pack. However, I am worried that the texture of the Champion logo will wear off with time, dimming the appearance of the bag. When I first put the bag on, the straps were a bit of a hindrance considering they are quite loose, but I have adjusted it to work just fine. 

Coach Leather Court Belt Bag

Love the color and design but my love ends there.

The Coach fanny pack undoubtedly is beautiful evidence of craftsmanship and fashion. However, the bag isn’t anything extraordinary in terms of its functionality. The pack features two pockets – a smaller slip one out front and a larger one after. Both are enclosed by high-quality golden zippers.

The buckles follow the same color theme and are made to last. The pack’s size is also adequate and can store a variety of items of different lengths and widths. But organizing these items is quite hard, considering there aren’t any additional compartments. The leather material of the pouch is also exceedingly prone to scratch and tear, making it not an optimal choice for extensive use.

The strap would be the biggest issue with the Coach belt bag because it is not as extendable as I would have liked. It rests awkwardly on my upper body if I wear it as a crossover pouch and is not the most comfortable on the waist either. This bag is pleasing to the eye but not something I would highly recommend if you look for convenience or practicality. 


As great as the Supreme fanny pack is, the price can’t help but put it out of reach for many people. The other options like the Zorfin pack can really accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the price by giving you the best of both worlds, a great looking place to store things while out on the town without asking you to sell your first born. Click here if you’re looking for other great fanny packs for your next adventure!