Square Toe Sandals Shopping Guide

Have you ever bought something, perhaps a new watch, maybe a hat or possibly a new jacket; something new to you that just spoke to you? Something that gave you the feeling it was designed just for you personally? Well that’s how I felt when I found some of these incredible square toe sandals. Others were good but had some small issues to deal with. Let me tell you about each of them in this round up review!

Best Square Toe Sandals

Calvin Klein

  • Great Fit
  • Great Feel, Super Comfortable
  • Good Value
  • Very Versatile
  • Slimming Look
  • Quality Design

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Square Toe Sandals 2020

2020 was the beginning of a new look in fashion, at least the second half of it anyway. Trends began to shift from formal and party wear towards casual and comfort wear. With parties being put on hold indefinitely and many people shifting to a work-from-home fashion style, it became even more important to find outfits that were both comfortable and still had a professional feel to them for those endless zoom meetings. 

Square Toe Sandals 2021

2021 has been anything but stellar for a good part of the country however as far as fashion goes, it really hasn’t missed a beat. There have been some great shoes and some amazing outfits that have hit the stores this year and we still have a few months to go. It really makes things a little exciting which is something many of us have missed while being shut in our homes. 

Flat Square Toe Sandals

Most square toed sandals seem to have a flat look or feel to the front of them. This is in an effort to draw the eye away from the larger part of the foot where it begins to arch, giving a more thinning look. Designers have spent thousands of hours struggling to make what is often one of the less attractive parts of the body (the foot) more appealing and forcing the front of the foot flat while the back inclines is one way of accomplishing that. 

Square Toe Sandals Wide Fit

When selecting a more luxurious-looking sandal, it can be important to consider the fit. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than an overly snug fit that forces the sides of the foot off the sides of the sandal bottom. Measure the width and purchase accordingly to avoid discomfort and unflattering overhang.  

Low Heel Square Toe Sandals

Sometimes you want to look your best, even at the expense of comfort and other times, you may just want to be comfortable even if it means looking a bit more casually dressed. Low heeled square toed sandals are perfect for comfort but can also be fashionable. I don’t feel they really replace a hot looking pair of high heels but there is a time and place for everything and low heels are certainly more comfortable than high heels in almost every instance. 

Square Toe Sandals Reviews

ECCO’s Elevate Strap Heeled Sandal

I have to say, first of all, that these sandals are the cutest I’ve ever bought! Plus, they’re so sturdy yet comfortable, which is something you hardly see in rubber-soled, heeled sandals. They offer the perfect height and balance for someone like myself because I’m always on my feet during the day, but I also need to look chic at work. 

Sadly, I will have to return these sandals because of the problem with the strap that slings around the heel. It’s way too loose and the shoes’ design doesn’t give any way to tighten it. As I’m always on my feet, I can’t afford to have shoes that would be constantly falling off unless I’d find myself in a ton of unnecessary accidents. I’m pretty bummed about having to return them though because these are such a lovely pair of shoes. Maybe the designer could remodel them with a buckle instead?


Syktkmx Backless Square Open Toe Slip On Sandals

The first thing that struck me about these shoes, the reason why I even settled for them after almost an hour of searching on the internet, is the mind-blowing shade range of nude colors that they come in! I was just like, “Wow, talk about variety.” I got them in a shade that matches my skin tone and now that I have the shoes, I have to admit that these came at a really good price for the beautiful quality that the seller has given. Although they did take a few weeks to arrive, I’m not too mad about that since when I wear them, they make my legs look really long and sexy. I also like the fact that the height of them is not too scary because I definitely wasn’t looking for a Lady Gaga type of appearance when I set out to buy these. From these shoes, what I saw online is exactly what I got.

Syktkmx Square Toe Sandal

The Drop’s Avery Sandals

I saw an old picture of my mom from around the time I was born and she had on a pair of shoes that looked a lot like these, so when I saw them on Amazon, I said, “Why not?” and purchased them on the spot. I even got them in the same red color that she had them in too. The heels look extra phenomenal when I wear them with jeans. I love that they give a very 90’s vibe, don’t have any bothersome ankle straps, and I never imagined that semi-block heels would look as awesome as these do. I even tried them on with the bridesmaid’s dress I just got for my sister’s upcoming wedding and the shoes still look terrific. So another bonus, I guess, is that they’re suitable for both casual and formal events.

For maximum comfort and a much nicer fit, I would advise anyone else that would like to buy these as well to go a size up. I saw this in the FAQs under the product, followed the advice, and it worked out great for me.

Drops Avery Square Toe Sandal

Calvin Klein’s Becca Square Toe Sandal

Calvin Klein is such an iconic brand so I’m not surprised that these sandals did not disappoint one bit. What does surprise me is how much I’ve fallen in love with something so simple, more so a pair of blue mule sandals. Blue! The funny thing is that I actually had the black variant in mind when I went looking on Amazon, but till now, I still have no idea exactly what about these shoes stole my attention immediately I clicked on the product and the blue ones showed up.

Anyways, I’m super happy with the money I spent on them. They fit so well and they’re so comfy, I could literally sleep in them. Or walk a mile even haha. I can’t wait to take them with me on my summer trip this July and wear them everywhere from sightseeing to the pool to dinner in a beach cabana.

Calvin Klein Square Toe Sandal

J. Adams Stormi Mules Square Toe Double Band Sandals

I already owned two pairs of J. Adams platform sneakers when I saw an ad for these heels on Amazon. Having had good experiences with the sneakers prior, it seemed like a good idea to at least check out the heels. J. Adams is king when it comes to design range, so I was happy to see this also reflected in their line of square toe, block heel sandals. So yeah, despite the incredibly simple styles of the shoes, what really sold them to me were the stunning designs. I ended up getting two pairs in the colors Blue Suede and Rhinestone.

Here’s my take on them after wearing each shoe at least twice now: For such simple shoes, they somehow still manage to look really sophisticated. They’re also very painless during long wear, unlike a lot of heels I owned before purchasing these. The fit isn’t a 100% but I’d still give it a 95% at least because although the mid-foot straps on both shoes are a little loose, the shoes still stay in place when I walk in them. Plus, my feet are on the narrow side, so that may be the reason for the loose strap.

J. Adams Square Toe Sandal

Vivianly’s Transparent Peep Toe Sandals

I had to wait a while for the neon pink color I wanted to be restocked in my size, so I guess these shoes have become so popular that they sell out fast. Still, it would be nice if the seller could stock up their product sooner. The height seemed a little too short for me on the 2.7-inch variant, so I got the 3.5-inch ones and I like them a lot. It’s rare for me to find heels that I don’t have to go a size up to get a perfect fit for my wide feet, but I bought these in my regular size 8.5 and the fit is pleasantly snug. 

Also, I never buy shoes with plastic parts on them because plastic usually irritates my feet, so I was a little skeptical about buying these initially- plus they were so cheap!- but I’m glad I took the risk because I haven’t had any problems with the shoes so far. The heel does seem a little fragile though, so I’ll have to wait and see how well they’ll serve in the long run.

Wskeisp’s Heels Sandals

These are certainly not the type of heels I would usually wear because of, number 1, the crocodile print on the leather, and number 2, they look a little too casual which isn’t something I go for in my heels. Don’t get me wrong though- these are truly a nice pair of heels, and I really liked the color selection that I saw on the site, even though I only got them in black. I was right about them looking very casual because when I wear them, they look like summer shoes.

They’re certainly not the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever bought, so I won’t be wearing them too often. However, I like that they’re an unusual addition to my wardrobe, coupled with the fact that the shoes are very well-built, sleek, and edgy, so I’m genuinely trying something new with these.

Wskeisp Square Toe Sandal

Jessica Simpson Ivelle Heeled Sandals

Not only are these the trendiest heels I now own, but I still can’t believe till now that I got them for that price! I absolutely love these. The height is perfect and so is the fitting. The mustard snakeskin pattern on the ones I got is so pretty. They’re such steady heels that they sometimes don’t even feel like heels at all. I’m raving about them, I know, but these heels are so incredible that I just have to. To be honest, they were a little bit uncomfortable at first, especially at the thong part of the front strap, but after a few wears, they broke in quite well. 

For shoes from the original Jessica Simpson brand, these are being sold at such a steal! So I’d advise anyone reading this to grab one now. It’s 100% worth the money and you won’t regret it.

Jessica Simpson Square Toe Sandal

Greatonu’s Cross Strap Slip On Kitten Heeled Sandals

Kitten heels have never appealed to my tastes, especially because I’ve never seen the point of wearing heels if they aren’t high. However, I saw a friend of mine wearing these in the nude color and the classic look of them really spoke to me. So I ordered the white ones the next day to wear to a formal family event that I had to go to. The shoes didn’t arrive in time for the event so I was forced to make do with something else.

Nonetheless, when the shoes did eventually arrive, I was able to let go of much of my disappointment because these shoes are true gems. They look and feel expensive, but they certainly aren’t in terms of price, which is astonishing. I ordered them in my usual shoe size and the fit is spot on. The cross straps are very breathable, not too snug, but they still keep the shoes in place while I’m walking. I can’t lie, I’m tempted to buy them in a few more colors because these shoes, no doubt, look “great on me”.

Greatonu Square Toe Sandal

Crocs Cleo Square Front Sandal

Ok, this ones a bit different from all the others but I thought it would be fun to try them anyway 🙂 As a mom- and I believe that every mom on the planet shares this view, owning a pair of easy shoes that you can move around in at the speed of light with no hassle is a bare necessity. These Croc Cleo sandals have served that purpose like a dream. The square toe design of them is super unique. The sandals are also very lightweight which helps so that I don’t feel like I’m carrying a ton of bricks on my feet when I walk- which has been my experience with some sandals I used to own. I like that the soft, flexible straps make it so easy to slip these on when I’m on the go. 

I’ve had them for a month now and there’s absolutely nothing that I can’t do in these sandals. They’re certainly not the same as the original Croc Cleo, but I feel these are a pretty decent alternative. I did go a size up as I usually do for flat slippers or sandals, and the fit and comfort of the sandals have been alright so far, so I would recommend doing this as well to anyone looking to buy them.

Crocs Cleo Square Toe Sandal

So there you have it, a nice round-up of different and pretty cool square toe sandals for you to wear all summer long. These really excite me and make me want to get dressed up for a night out on the town. Grab a new pair of sandals today and hit the mall or take some time and pamper yourself at the spa in style and comfort this week! Looking for other great deals? Check out these adorable belt bags to match your new sandals!