Short Sleeve Hoodie Guide Everyone Will Love

I love hoodies. The warmth they bring; so cozy! But sometimes in the late spring and early fall, when the sun comes out, my winter hoodie is just a little too toasty. This is when I make a run for the closet and pull out my short sleeve hoodie. Not only do they keep me at the perfect temperature throughout the sometimes warm, sometimes cool season, but what’s even better is that they allow my arms to show and I get an early start on my summer tan (wink! wink!). Here are my thoughts on some great hoodies you can pick up today if you’re in the market!

My #1 Pick for the Best Short Sleeve hoodie

Yogility Full Zip Short Sleeve Hoodie

  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Great for jogging or workouts
  • Super cute
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Quality material

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Should You Buy a Designer Short Sleeve Hoodie

There are so many different types of short sleeve hoodies to choose from and I have not found any real benefits to buying a designer or name brand piece of clothing and rest assured that designer hoodies aren’t cheap. Sure there was a time where you could argue that wearing a designer piece like a short sleeve hoodie from womens nike would impress your friends but today, people have so much variety to choose from that branding is much less important than it was in 5th grade. I would trade the branding of a designer hoodie for a more functional short sleeve zip up hoodie for women any day. 

Does Sleeve Length Matter

Not all short sleeve hoodies are created equal. Some have very different sleeve lengths than others. Get what’s most comfortable for you personally. I like a half sleeve that shows off more of my arms without being a tank top. There is something not quite right about a completely sleeveless hoodie either so go with the standard or half sleeve length for maximum comfort. 

What is the Right Price Range

This is a really personal question as everyone has different bank balances however you can easily get a quality hoodie for under $50. You can get a quality one for over $50 as well but I just don’t feel like there is a whole lot of value-add to going over $50 unless you have a particular style you’re looking for. 

As you get into the less-than $20 price point the material used becomes thinner and thinner which could be a bonus if you’re looking for something that keeps you cool and breathes well however if you’re looking for something with a little warmth to it you’ll have to shell out a bit more in the $30+ range to get quality. 

Short Sleeve Hoodie Reviews

Yogility Full Zip Short Sleeve Hoodie

Sizing runs really small so I suggest you pick a size two times above your normal one! Other than that, I like this hoodie. It’s comfortable and light, and I use it when I’m jogging or in the gym even on warmer days. It’s stretchy and comfortable, and it’s thin enough that I can move about with ease. I wouldn’t wear it on chilly days, because it really can’t act as a warm jacket, but it’s really cute as an activewear jacket. I just wish there were more colors, and the sizing was accurate.

Yogility Short Sleeve Hoodi

Givon Comfortable Short Sleeve Hoodie

This jacket is really good for chilly days, not too warm nor too thin! I also love the fact that there are so many colors to choose from. I know there were mixed reviews about the sizing, so I sized up just because I wanted it to be a bit baggy. Upon fitting, the sizing is true and accurate for me, so I bought a few colors baggy and a few colors that fit perfectly! I thought they wouldn’t last, but I’ve managed to wash them a few times already and I didn’t see any wear and tear or any shrinking. Truly worth it!

Givon Short Sleeve Hoodie

Vivitulip Short Sleeve Top Hoodie

Did not expect this to be this light and comfortable, but I am happily surprised! It fits as advertised, and they look like really baggy t-shirts with a hoodie, which I love. I bought one in my actual size, and it fit comfortably. It was expectedly roomy and easy to move about in, but it still perfectly fits me and my figure. If you want a non baggy option, I suggest sizing down. I am ordering another one that is a size up, just because I really love the feel of this! Love the flattering colors too!


Andy & Natalie Short Sleeve Sweatshirt Hoodie

The collar was what originally attracted me to this hoodie, but I am honestly really surprised about how comfortable and lightweight it is. What’s really nice is that I can wear it everywhere, it’s easy to layer and match with different outfits, and it’s perfect for cooler days where it’s too hot to put on heavy jackets! I also love that it doesn’t look cheap. The cuff and collars have the knit-like design, which really adds to the overall look of the hoodie. The sizing is accurate and the colors are too, in my experience. I will be buying another one in the near future.

Andy Natalie Short Sleeve-H

MyMore Half Zip Short Sleeve Hoodie

I’m a large and I bought one in XXL because I saw the reviews telling everyone to size up. It just arrived today, and it fits me perfectly, so I really suggest to size up one to two times! It’s really lightweight, and the feeling is more of a thick t-shirt, but it’s comfortable and just the right hoodie for chill summer nights. I also mostly wear this as a top instead of a jacket, or with a tank top inside, because it’s really versatile and looks cute enough to be worn alone.

Hi-Tec Short Sleeve Sweater Hoodie

It’s really thin and lightweight, so it’s nice enough to wear while jogging or hiking, without feeling too warm or too cold. It’s a bit see through though, so I suggest having a tank top or a sports bra inside if you plan to wear this outdoors. I’m really sad that this only has one color available because I would have bought more in different colors, but the color suits me so I’m not complaining too much. The moisture wicking fabric is actually true as advertised, and it kept me cool and relatively dry during our last hiking trip!


SweatyRocks Hooded Short Sleeve Crop Top

The material is really soft and comfy! It’s also quite stretchy so it can be worn in the gym without it being too restrictive. The crop length is just right for me, but I think I’ll need to wear something underneath if I’ll be raising my arms quite a lot. Since it falls on my hips normally, it’ll be raised to my under bust if I have my arms fully up. There were mixed reviews about the sizing, but I sized up and it’s okay. It didn’t hug my figure, but it wasn’t too big either, so it was alright.


With so many great options to keep you warm and cool at the same time, it can be hard to pick one so hopefully these reviews will make things a bit easier and help you get those tanned arms everyone wants so bad this season. 

If you find the seasons gotten a little too cool for you, check out these long hoodies. They rock!