Pink Shorts – My Top Picks and Why

Pink shorts are something extra special. They pack a mean color punch and seem to scream athletics. They almost exude energy and when I’m running or working out that’s what I need more than anything else, bursts of energy. So I put together a list of some of my absolute favorite pink shorts and go through all the reasons I love them as well as some things to consider when buying.

My #1 Pick for the Best Pink Shorts

Under Armour Women’s Play Up Pink Shorts

  • Super sporty feel
  • Funky and exciting colors
  • Good sized pockets
  • Super comfortable
  • Great fit
  • Material helps keep you cool

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Are Light Pink Shorts Women’s Favorite

Some women seem to have an affinity for pink shorts. They just have a look or feel that really compliments some womens figures and styles. Most women look good in athletic apparel no matter what as long as it is tailored to their specific body type so my attention always goes towards finding the fit that suits my body type best and then I worry about the color second. 

Pink Shorts Without Band vs Pink Shorts With Band

All shorts must have some type of cinch or device to help keep them up and in place. The elastic band style is simple and comfortable but there is also the option to purchase a spandex style short that fits your body completely. It really comes down to comfort. If you’re comfortable in a more fitted look than the yoga shorts style is for you and if you prefer a looser fit, perhaps a boy-short style is more your thing. 

Why Are They So Popular

My thought on this is that pink shorts (especially hot pink) are popular due to the fact that they draw your attention to them with the bright color which can be a plus if they are a good fit for your body but may also be a negative if they have a less flattering effect on your body. Like everything else in the apparel world, it’s all about how well the body fits into a certain piece of clothing. 

Who Buys Pink Bike Shorts

Younger women are by far the most common customer purchasing bright pink shorts but they are absolutely suitable for anyone at any age. It’s more important to focus on the style rather than the color most of the time. 

Pink Shorts Reviews

Under Armour Women’s Play Up Pink Shorts

The Under Armour pink shorts make me feel like a boxer and I love that. 

The colors!!! They have such a huge variety of colors. The Pink Lemonade Ceries was my favorite but I almost went with the Meteor Pink which looks so fantastic. They have Polar Purple, which I would argue is a bit pinkish, Hushed Pink, Lipstick which is a bit of a darker pink, Pink Lemonade White, Pink Quartz, Planet Pink and so many more! I just love them!

But there’s so much more to these shorts than just funky colors. The pockets are a decent size, the sizing was spot on though a bit of that depends on how loose or how tight fitting you like your shorts to be. The legs weren’t overly tight which was great but also not so loose that you have a bunch of material rubbing and moving as you run. 

The comfort level of these shorts are absolutely phenomenal. I will mention that if you chose to go with a smaller fit, you may find deep squats a bit challenging. The shorts can definitely handle it but they can be a bit restricting when you really get down there. 

Otherwise, they’re perfect for working out, lounging around the house, running, you name it and they do a great job at keeping you cool as you play.

Pink Lemonade/Cerise
Hushed Pink /Dash Pink
Pink Lemonade/White
Pink Quartz/Polaris Purple
Planet Pink/White
Meteor Pink/White

Under Armour Fly By 2.0 Pink Running Shorts

The Under Armour Fly By 2.0 pink shorts for running are so cute and will have no problem taking you miles and miles as you run. They are lightweight, adding to their comfort level and their ability to keep you cool.

The only downside to them is probably the lack of good sized pockets. There is a key pocket however it’s nice to have a place to store larger things like your phone while you run or exercise.


Under Armour has created two great pink colors to choose 

Pink Quartz
Eclectic Pink

URATOT Yoga Pink Shorts

I really like Uratots version of these pink shorts. They fit just right and feel super soft with a slight stretch to them. Very flattering to the figure. What’s even better is that they’re light enough to wear in even the hottest weather. 

The waistband is quite comfortable. No more marks around the midriff from the band being too short, yay! The material is thin but strong allowing good air movement without sacrificing material strength.

The URATOT actually come in a 2 pack with a black pair which is an added bonus!

Hot Pink + Black
Authentic Pink + Dark Grey
Pink + Mint
Black + Light Fuchsia
Pink + Dark Grey

Sunzel Pink Shorts

These are some of the most flattering shorts I’ve ever seen. Perfect for relaxing and lounging or for running and playing. The color is a bit flatter than I had thought it would be but that was alright in my case. I find them a bit snug around the waist but not so much that it’s uncomfortable at all

I love that they have ample pocket room to hold my phone while I hike, canoe, run and do yoga. I have a fairly standard size phone and it fits perfectly but if you had a larger phone you may struggle to fit it in. 

They seem quite similar to my Lululemons with the exception of some of the stitching which is a tiny bit rougher I found. All in all a really great pair with a lot of functionality built into it. 


ODODOS High Waist Pink Shorts with Pockets

I’m a bit torn with the Ododos pink shorts. They are a great fit. Tight on the legs but not too tight. Loose around the waist but not too loose. They are a good length over all and I’m happy with that. 

Where they lose me a little is in the pockets. They are a bit too shallow for my liking and I spent most of my run worrying whether or not my phone was going to fall out of my pocket and my phone’s not huge.

The material is good and not seethrough which is super important. I want to worry about my form when I’m exercising, not that I’m putting on a show for everyone. The color was fairly bright and vibrant which I’m really happy with. 

Pattern Pink Tropical

I have many different colored shorts in my wardrobe but my pink shorts will always hold a special place in my heart. They really are my go-to apparel for any type of athletics I’m doing. Looking for a deal on some brand name look-a-like clothing? Check out our huge list of Lululemon Dupes that will really make your day.