Before You Buy the MCM Fanny Pack, Here’s What We Found!

Better Priced and Comparable in Quality to the Men’s MCM Fanny Pack in Our Opinion

  • Distressed Leather Look
  • Great Price
  • Quality Material
  • Area for Credit Cards
  • Area for Cell Phone

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MCM Fanny Pack Men’s

Most of the MCM fanny pack lineup tends to look a bit feminine however there are several tan colored packs that really suit a well dressed male. A lot of it depends on how the bag is worn. Across the chest seems to be the preferred method for both men and women according to many of the images and from what I’ve seen on the street

MCM Fanny Pack Sale

MCM rarely if ever has any sort of sale on their fanny packs. They are a VERY high end product designed with the very wealthy in mind or the die hard MCM enthusiast. Rarely will they go on sale and rarely will you find them in big box stores. You’ll likely never see an MCM fanny pack cheap in the stores. It’s possible to get them second hand for less however this can be risky with there being a large number of dupes and knockoffs out there.  

MCM Fanny Pack Women’s

Many women will opt to wear the MCM fanny pack across their chest rather than as the typical waist belt. This has become a bit of a status symbol and tends to be worn in a specific way to signal to others that they have the cash to be able to afford such a high end bag. 

MCM Fanny Pack Medium

There are a large number of sizes, designs and colors that the MCM fanny pack comes in. Most tend to fit as a medium or small size relative to pants or shorts sizing. Keep in mind that it’s not very often that people wear the MCM as a fanny bag but more often as a cross shoulder bag instead so sizing may become more important for those with larger bust or chest sizes.

MCM Fanny Pack Review

This is an amazing fanny pack, for reasons that are not only fashionable but also functional. Let’s start off with that it’s made of stiff canvas leather, which makes it incredibly durable and weatherproof. Not that I’m going to want to take this camping but it’s comforting to know that if it happens to get a little wet it’ll be just fine. 

The strap is adjustable so I can wear it around my waist like a regular fanny pack or across my chest for a more streetwear look. The MCM logo is not only used in the pattern design but is stamped on the strap, and engraved on all the metal pieces of the bag. If you’re someone who likes everyone to know that your bag isn’t just ‘a bag’, but is actually a fashion statement then this is right up your alley. However, if you’re someone who likes to keep their brand logos more understated, then you might not be in love with this.  

The inside also has plenty of room for everything I need such as wallet, keys, phone, and makeup. I could probably put a lot more things in there though, as it still has plenty of room. The one complaint I might have with this bag is that it’s actually a little too big!  It covers most of my torso and even sticks out a lot. Which could become uncomfortable and even get in the way of basic arm movement, and that could get old after a while. Especially since one of the perks of a fanny pack is that it’s hands-free. For some people who are more practical in their fashion choices, would probably rule this out as a possible addition to their closets. However, if you’re a die-hard fashionista and like to make a statement, this is the bag for you!


It will come with a very high price tag well into the hundreds of dollars. If your like me and want quality and looks without selling your firstborn to pay for it then check out some of these other great options for fashionable alternatives.

Lucky Kowe Belt Bag

This design just looks more like an outdated 70’s rockstar fashion than it does a fresh and trendy rocker vibe. The adjustable strap is also limited, as it has pre-made holes that allow you to adjust the length. However, the bag is big enough to fit all of the essentials and is also small enough that it won’t get in the way if worn cross-body. If you want something that you can put all of your essentials in and can be worn comfortably, then this is perfect. However, if you’re looking for a fashion statement then I might look elsewhere. 


Tuscany Leather Belt Bag

This fanny pack is everything!  From a fashion perspective and a functional one as well. This bag is Italian made with calfskin leather, known for its softness and durability. The belt adjusts two different ways so I get the perfect fit. A traditional belt buckle, as well as an adjustable slide buckle. The three compartments for storage are perfect if I want to section off certain important items as well. This bag is perfect to be worn cross body without becoming cumbersome. The only issue I might have is that it isn’t large enough to hold anything but the essentials. Apart from that, it is absolutely fantastic. 

Dark Brown

Coach Belt Bag Black Signature

This bag is the best of both worlds when you want a designer bag but also want functionality.  Which is perfect because the moderate size and design allow it to be worn comfortably across the chest. I doubt I’ll be able to add too much more than the everyday essentials though as it only has only one compartment and it’s not very big.  This pack will hold up for years to come and the adjustable straps will be able to fit nearly anyone. Although if you’re not someone who likes flashy labels this isn’t for you, as you are practically a walking advertisement for coach. 


Brass Tacks Packs

This is probably the most functional fanny pack in existence.  The distressed “crazy horse leather” is a specific type of leather that gets more beautiful with age, which is perfect because this pack is so well made that I will probably have it for a couple decades.  The main compartment has sections for my credit cards, cellphone and wallet which is great for when I don’t want to spend any unneeded time looking though it, which makes it perfect for travel. This pack is perfect for someone who wants a quality product to carry the essentials, and also look good.