Lululemon Skirts Reviews and Clothing Better than Lululemon Skirt Dupes

Summers here and what could be more fun than spending time in the sun! And what makes it even more fun is shopping for an outfit to keep you cool while you work, play and do all the things you love! Why not include Lululemon skirts into your ensemble. Not crazy about the selection or maybe the price? No worries! Check out our selection of skirts that outperform Lululemon skirt dupes every time and we’ve reviewed them for you in this article as well. 

Below are a number of great Lululemon skirts and skirts that are similar in style and that are way better than any Lululemon dupe skirts. There are lots to choose from this season. Click any item to get current pricing.

Lululemon Skirts

Lululemon Pleated Skirts

The majority of Lululemons skirts are designed with pleats. This gives the flowy, sporty look that Lululemon is famous for and helps hide wrinkles. Pleats add some style to the skirts and make them feel a bit more fun and playful. Pleated skirts also allow you to wear them for everything from sports to more formal settings. 

Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt

Lululemons Pace Rival skirt is a multi-use skort that’s perfect both on the tennis court and off of it. The interior shorts are made from a sweat-wicking fabric. They are light and stretchy so you can move with ease and feel comfortable in every situation. 

There are a number of great places to store your smaller belongings such as your keys, phone and credit card. A back zippered pocket, a side pocket built into the liner and a small pocket built into the inside of the waistband. Looks great with a sporty backpack.

Dark Red

Lululemon Ruffle Skirt The Everyday Skirt

This is a really light and fun skirt, perfect for the summer shade or summer evenings. It’s black color may be a bit too warm for direct sun but the light material may overshadow that. Perfect for pulling over a bathing suit or lounging around the house. 

The Lululemon Everyday skirt is made of a quick-drying material and has a drawstring waistband and falls at knee length for the perfect fit every time you wear it. 


Don’t Settle for Cheap Lululemon Skirts Dupes

What’s Better than Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt Dupes

Queenieke Women’s Quick-Dry, Mid-Waist Pleated, Athletic Tennis Skirts

The Queenieke Yoga Athletic Tennis skirt is as close to a Lululemon Pace Rival skirt as it gets. The waistband, pockets, length, pleats, length, silicone strip and zippers are identical to the original. The only difference may be that the back pleats don’t lay quite as flat as Lulu’s. 

Queenieke Skort Chart

These Skirts Outperform Lululemon Court Rival High Rise Skirt Dupes

Ekouaer Athletic Golf and Tennis Skirt

The Ekouaer Athletic skirt is very similar to Lululemons Court Rival skirt. It is extremely flattering and pleats in all the right areas. It’s approximately the same length and although the look is not 100% the same, it offers a plethora of different colors to choose from that Lulu doesn’t. 

A very soft material makes this a super comfortable skirt and it’s sweat-wicking technology helps keep you dry and cool no matter how hard you’re working. Built in shorts with pockets help you store valuables and help you not need to worry about modesty while sitting or running. 

I love changing from my pink leggings to my pink skirt as the weather warms up. 

Court Rival Skirt Chart

Way Better than Lululemon Bound to Bliss Skirt Dupe

LuluBerry Midi Length Weekender Skirt

A skirt that perfectly highlights curves, the LuluBerry Weekender skirt looks amazing on all figures. It’s super comfortable making it perfect for work and play alike. 

This skirt looks great with so many different tops and the material is sooo stretchy and soft. A slightly thicker material than that used in other skirts on this list. I would save this one for cooler evenings or spring and fall outings. 

It also works great in more formal settings or long days at the office. 

Luluberry Skirt Chart

These are Better than Lululemon Pull-On Super-High Rise Midi Skirt Dupe

GRACE KARIN Vintage Pleated, Multi-Colored A-line Midi Skirt

The Grace Karin vintage skirt lineup is such a cool group of skirts. It’s a bit of a stretch from the Lululemon Pull-on Midi in that this is a zip up and the selection from Grace Karen is huge but it really has a complementing look that does give a few nods to Lululemons skirt. 

They are both pleated and both midi skirts made from similar materials. The Grace Karen skirts have a bit of a throw-back, vintage feel to them which people generally love or hate.   

Grace Karrin Skirt Chart

What to Look For in a Lululemon Summer Skirt

There are so many different types of skirts and skorts out there to choose from but there are a few questions you can ask yourself that could help you make a final decision. 

What will you be doing while wearing your skirt?

  1. Are you planning on wearing it while you play sports? If so you may want to choose a lycra based material that dries quickly and wicks sweat away. You may also want a shorter skirt that allows you to move more freely. This is where a skort may come in handy. A cross between a skirt and shorts. It’s the best of both worlds! It also helps you feel covered and modest but still stylish. 
  2. Are you planning on relaxing and lounging in your skirt? A light cotton for warmer days and a fleece material for cooler ones and evenings may be the more comfortable choices. 
  3. Are you wearing the skirt to work? Most companies have a dress code and if that’s the case where you work, choosing a longer, more conservatie skirt may be the safer option. Remember also that some employers may not allow skirts at all for safety reasons. 

What material should your Lululemon skirt be made out of?

  1. For summer time, choose a thin, lightweight material. A cotton or if your worried about wrinkles, a cotton-poly blend may be best
  2. Be careful not to choose so thin a material that it becomes see through in the sun
  3. For cooler seasons or if your planning on wearing your skirt as evening wear then a thicker material may be best

What length should a Lululemon skirt be?

  1. You want to feel comfortable in your skirt. If it’s too short you may feel self conscious and find yourself tugging at it to feel modest
  2. If your skirt is too long it can be a trip hazard and may not be the look you want either

The color

  1. Summer skirts should be bright and colorful. A sun dress is a great option for staying cool and looking cool too! 
  2. Cool weather skirts can be a darker color, just don’t go too dark as it may begin to make your outfit feel drab 

Should You Buy a Lululemon Skirt Dupe

A dupe is not a great option. They are often cheaply made and aren’t very ethical. It’s the same as a knock-off. A much better choice is to choose from clothing that is inspired by a brand name item but does not try to trick you into thinking it’s something it’s not. Dupes often have a very similar look and feel to the original and try to pretend they’re the real deal. A stylistically similar item will have a similar look in some ways but do not copy any of the logos and are a separate brand with separate branding that makes them different. Material is often similar, the fit is often equal if not better and the price is usually much, much better. 

So what’s the downside? You give up the logo and you’re unable to say you’re wearing whatever popular brand it is. You may also give up a bit of the look but that really depends on the item you’re looking at. You can’t brag to your friends about wearing the latest Lululemon skirt if it’s a dupe. Unfortunately you also can’t brag if you’re buying a stylistically similar outfit that isn’t a large brand name. But if that doesn’t bother you than these “Shop the Look” outfits may be perfect for you.