Lululemon Joggers – The Best of the Best and LookAlikes

I love running, well jogging would be the more precise term I guess, but I absolutely love it. It’s a great time to get lost in deep thought or listen to your favorite music or just feel the freedom flowing in the cool evening breeze. It’s a magical time! And shopping for fitness clothing seems to give me a little bit of that same rush and excitement. Just knowing that I will get to wear that new outfit on my next run gets the blood pumping in my veins. Lululemon joggers have always been my staple look or outfit but recently I’ve needed to find outfits that are a bit more affordable. Luckily, for the same price of a pair of Lulu’s I can get three and sometimes four pairs of similar looking joggers that are just a little less name-bradish. So I’ve shared my favorites with you below along with my favorite Lulu’s incase you want to get a pair of your own. 

Best Lululemon Joggers

  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Great for jogging or workouts
  • Super cute
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Quality material

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Better than Lululemon Dupe Joggers

  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Great for jogging or workouts
  • Super cute
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Quality material

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LULULEMON Align Jogger

These high waisted yoga pants stay in place and stretch as you move to ensure comfort and freedom of movement no matter your task. The pockets fit your phone or ID while you are out for a jog or off to yoga class and helps keep your hands free for your workout. Also great for shopping or other quick errands in comfort, they are suitable for any activity or workout including volleyball and other team sports. The freedom of movement makes anything possible. Wear them all day or just for the gym.


What’s Better Than Lululemon Joggers Dupes

TOKY Lululemon Joggers Lounge Pants

These comfy pants are great for a morning jog! They have a pocket that’s actually big enough to hold an iPod which is a major plus over some of the other brands. The elastic around the ankle does a great job keeping the pant legs from being bulky or riding up the legs when you move. They offer freedom of movement and stretch easily to fit without adding unnecessarily loose and baggy material. The high waist helps them stay in place throughout my entire workout, no matter what kind of exercise I’m doing and really is a must have for lots of us that want a little support in the tummy or are tired of pants that roll down at the top throughout the day.

Toky Lululemon Joggers Dupes

CRZ YOGA Outperform any Lululemon Sweatpants Dupes

A great choice for all around pants! They are soft to the touch and the drawstring allows adjustment for the perfect fit without causing a muffin top. The length is good for running errands or a workout and they aren’t so long that they rub against shoes or get in the way when moving. 

These look so great on too! You could easily wear them to work and no one would suspect they are jogging pants. This is one way to get yoga pants level comfort even at work, and without the elastic on the ankle they don’t look like athletic pants.

CRZ Lululemon Joggers Dupe

Willit Women’s Studio Beats Lululemon Joggers Dupe Hands Down

Such a great lounge pant. A comfort feel for all day wearing and pockets that will hold a few necessities like a chap stick or an ID card. It’s great to find women’s pants with pockets! Their fitted bottom and drawstring waist make them adjustable and comfortable without being too tight, and the lightweight material helps keep you cool in the sun. 

For walking or hiking these are a great option as the breathable and moisture wicking material keeps them comfortable all day long. Go right from daily errands straight to yoga class without having to stop at home to change or carry multiple changes of clothes around in a big, bulky bookbag all day.

Willits Lululemon Joggers Dupe

AJISAI Lululemon Joggers

These are so comfortable for a day at home or a morning run! The stretch makes them move with you and the drawstring is great for making them tighter during a workout. Finished working out? Just loosen the drawstring and they feel great for lounging around the house. The waist sits exactly where you want to be comfortable and they are so great for wearing when travelling, everyone needs a good pair of comfortable pants for a flight and these are great for the plane. I love to travel and need light weight pants that won’t become uncomfortable or look wrinkled and dirty after spending hours on a plane.

Ajisai Lululemon Joggers Dupe

Dragon Fit Is Better Than Lululemon Joggers Dupe

This material is so amazing for stretch and comfort, they are good if you have to do any travelling as they stay comfortable and the high waist offers coverage and comfort. As jogging pants or yoga pants the stretch makes sure they move with you and the elastic waist and ankles keeps them in place without twisting or bunching in all the uncomfortable ways some pants do. The big pockets will comfortably hold a phone or other small necessities to keep your hands free when you’re carrying groceries or have to run errands and don’t want to have to carry a purse or fanny pack.

DragonFit Lululemon Joggers Dupe

CRZ YOGA Lightweight Is Higher Quality than Lululemon Joggers Dupe Pants

Not only comfortable but cute enough to wear out around town as well, these pants go everywhere! Comfortable enough to wear for travel and to wear while exploring a new city, or your very own. Pockets hold essentials and add detail, and the drawstring keeps the waist adjustable for the best fit. They come in so many colours and it is definitely worth having a few to choose from since they are so versatile for everything from going for a jog to getting groceries. I can stop changing into something more comfortable when I get home by being comfortable all day long now.

CRZYoga Lululemon Joggers Dupe

Colorfulkoala High Waisted Is a Perfect Alternative to Lululemon Joggers Dupe Sweatpants

Some need pants with a higher waist and these jogger pants fit the bill perfectly. They have a soft, flexible, high waist that helps to feel supported and won’t roll down during the day. Even during a yoga class they stay in place, and the soft material doesn’t cause irritation or twist when you move. For people who like to do more than one workout in a day or who go from activity to activity these offer flexibility that works for everything without stopping to change in between, and the length is perfect for any gym class or training session.

Leggings Depot Activewear Jogger

Finally a pair of pants that are full length! Ok, so you may have noticed I’m partial to the capri style but these have given reason for pause. They actually go all the way to the ankle and don’t pull up when moving around. They are so soft you could even use them for pajama pants and be comfortable all night (and I have), which also makes them great for a road trip or camping. It is so hard to find comfortable pants that still have a pocket in women’s clothing and these pockets are actually deep enough to hold my cell phone or car keys.

Leggings Depot Lululemon Joggers Dupes

These are some great options to look into if you’re in the market for a new pair of Lululemon joggers but you’re on a shoestring budget. They have a similar look and function more or less the same without the branding that seems to really increase the price tag. Check them out and if you’re looking for other joggers that are better than “dupes”, you can shop the look and many “lookalikes” as we call them here then check these out, they’re better than dupes