Lululemon Camo Leggings – Why You May or May Not Love Them

Are you on the hunt for the best Lululemon Camo Leggings money can buy? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’re going to review the top four Lululemon Camo Leggings and tell you why we think you’ll love or hate them.

Too busy to read the entire review? We know that feeling!

Here is our top pick and why it ranked number one. 

Lululemon Pace Rival Running/Yoga Leggings

  • Best Price

  • Breathable

  • Sculpted Fit

  • 3 Pockets

  • Durable Material

  • High Rise Waist

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#4 – LULULEMON Camo Leggings Wunder Under Hi-Rise

Designed for: Yoga

Also great for: Running and lifting weights. They’re great for almost any sport.

Not so great for: Cycling, as the leggings may rub on the sides of the seat and cause pilling. Also, they are a slightly heavier material so are really best for spring, fall and winter or early morning / cool nights in the summer as they can get a bit warm when worn out in the sun. For summer sun leggings you may want to try the Lululemon Align leggings as they are a slightly thinner material. 

Materials used: Nylon and Lycra

Proper care and washing: Wash with similar colours to help reduce color fade. Machine wash in cold water. Never use bleach on these leggings. Tumble dry on low heat or let them hang to dry draped over a line to help reduce pilling. Never iron these pants and do not dry clean them either. It’s important to wash all Lycra and Nylon based clothing turned inside out to help reduce pilling. 

Review Notes: The Lululemon Wunder Under Camo Leggings have a lot of great features at their disposal beginning with the lycra fibre materials used to help maintain proper shape retention after multiple washings and use. 

A low-friction, sleek-feel fabric; the lycra fibre wicks sweat while maintaining the ability to breath and stretch. 

Designed for active women specifically with yoga in mind, Lululemon has incorporated a high-rise waistband with tummy-control that also provides extra support while allowing you to feel covered and secure. The waistband also sports an area to hide a key, cash or access control card. 


  • Very comfortable and most people are happy with the advertised fitting size however you really need to measure accurately when determining what your needed size is
  • Super lightweight and the compression around the tummy works very well without being overly tight
  • Designed to survive
  • Flattering
  • wash very well and you can just feel the material and know how well me they are
  • Thicker material if your used to aligns


  • High price tag
  • Depending on your body type, some people complain about needing to pull the waist up now and again if not standing in an upright position
  • Many argue that the Aligns have a better fit but this may be due to use. Being a bit thicker material these may be better suited for cooler weather
  • Fabric is quite shiny (this may also be a pro if you prefer the shiny look)
  • Some complain that the fabric is susceptible to pilling. It’s best to wash and dry leggings while inside out
  • No thigh pockets for phone
  • Really should be washed inside out and placed in a dryer unless inside out. Hang drying may be a better solution. 

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#3 – LULULEMON Align Hi-Rise Camo Leggings

Designed for: Yoga

Also great for: Aerobics and running. These leggings are a nice, light and soft material making them perfect for warm, summer days and indoor workouts. 

Not so great for: Cycling, as the leggings may rub on the sides of the seat and cause pilling. 

Materials used: Lycra fibre material

Proper care and washing: Wash with similar colours on gentle cycle to maintain bright colors. Machine wash in cold water. Never use bleach or bleaching detergents on the Align Hi-Rise leggings. Tumble dry on low heat. Hang drying is always the preferred method to reduce pilling. These leggings are not designed to be ironed or dry cleaned. For best results, turn inside out in an effort to reduce pilling. 

Review Notes: The Lululemon Align Hi-Rise Camo leggings have a low profile waistband that doesn’t dig into your stomach. Similar to the Lululemon Wunder Under High Rise leggings, the Aligns have a pocket hidden away in the waistband to protect valuables and store access cards for the gym

Made from an incredibly lightweight material, the Align Hi-Rise Leggings are super soft and feel amazing. They come in a really large array of colors to choose from in the event you’re not committed to the camo. 

The overall quality is good but not great according to a large number of owners. Much of it has to do with some loose seam stitching in the waste area. Not really a deal breaker in my opinion as Lululemon is really good at taking care of their valuable customers but it’s something to just be aware of. 


  • Very comfortable fit
  • Stays true to size. No need to buy one or two sizes up or down. Most people are happy with the advertised fitting size however you really do need to measure accurately when determining what your needed size is
  • One of the lighter materials in use making them great for sunny days
  • Incredibly soft material
  • Large selection of colors but the camo really is the best I feel



  • High price tag
  • Several people complained of seam stitching unraveling around the waist. Some feel seams may not be as well stitched as regular aligns
  • Some say these leggings begin to fit more loosely after only a few washes
  • Pilling can occur if not washed inside out. Some also complain of piling from regular wear.

If pilling on clothing is a major concern, you could try a fabric shaver

#2 – Lululemon Align Camo Stretchy Yoga Leggings – High-Waisted

Designed for: Yoga

Also great for: Aerobics and running. 

Materials used: Nulu fabric

Proper care and washing: Wash with similar colours on gentle cycle as with other lycra based materials to protect against color fading. Machine wash on cold settings and do not use bleach or bleach based detergents. Tumble dry while on a low heat setting. Reduce pilling by hang drying your leggings. Always turn your leggings inside out to reduce pilling. 

Review Notes: These leggings are perfect for all exercising as they are like wearing nothing at all. A silky, smooth material provides a soft and protective barrier between your body and the outside world around you.

The waistband on these particular leggings is quite comfortable. The waistband on many other leggings have a tendency to dig into your stomach as you bend, twist and turn but these Lululemon camo leggings have solved that issue in most instances.

Unfortunately, pilling can still be a major issue according to many customers, however much of that can be avoided by following the “Proper Care and Washing” information found above at the beginning of this particular item’s review. 


  • Feels like your almost not wearing anything at all it’s so comfortable
  • No-dig waistband sits comfortably at midriff without digging in
  • Waistband pocket adds security for small items that regular pockets don’t
  • Great fit overall
  • Many people end up buying a second pair which is a great indication of quality and value



  • As with other leggings on this list, the price tag is a bit high in my opinion but it’s important to remember that even with yoga pants, you get what you pay for and Lululemons are the best available
  • Unfortunately, these leggings are only available in one color of camo. That being said, there really is a great selection of other colors overall
  • There may be some pilling over time if not washed inside out. Again, if you’re bothered by this, you could try a fabric shaver

#1 – Lululemon Camo Pace High Rise Rival Leggings

Designed for: Running

Also great for: Yoga and aerobics. 

Materials used: Luxtreme fabric

Proper care and washing: Keep an eye on your lights and darks. Wash these leggings with like colors. They can be machine washed in cold water to prevent shrinking. No bleach or bleach based detergents should be used. Tumble dry on low. Turn inside out while washing and drying to prevent pilling and hang drying your leggings for best results.

Review Notes: These are our number one, most favorite Lululemon Camo Leggings. 

These leggings are a step up from the others on this list while also coming in at a cheaper price point. What’s even better is that they are specifically designed for running which in general we find a bit harder on the clothing than yoga. This means that it should outlast other leggings specifically designed for yoga. 

It offers 3 different pockets to hold valuables which is a huge bonus. Storage can be incredibly important during long runs or long workouts. Simply avoid putting anything in the back pocket while doing yoga or any exercises on your back. 

The fabric is soft and flexible with sweat wicking properties to help keep you dry and allow your skin to breathe. Being designed for running, pilling seems to be less of a problem with these leggings than it is with leggings designed specifically for yoga. 

The only real drawback we noticed was the lack of a mid-rise option for those who don’t need as much tummy support. 


  • A much better price than many of the other leggings on our list. 
  • Waistband has 3 pockets for storage of valuables. This is a huge advantage over other pairs of Lululemon camo leggings
  • Perfect amount of compression where it counts 
  • Material wicks sweat increasing your ability to stay cool and dry
  • Great for all levels of cardio
  • No-dig waistband sits comfortably at midriff without digging in



  • No midrise option available so if you’re not a big fan of the high-rise midriff you’re really out of luck
  • Some issues have been noted with the stitching on some pairs. Lululemon offers a great satisfaction guarantee so it’s really not a huge issue. Just something to keep in mind. 

Camo leggings always have a great look to them. Whether it’s a tough and in-control feel you’re going for or it could be as simple as just loving the color scheme. Whatever the reason, Lululemon has some of the best leggings for yoga, running and all kinds of other fitness related exercising so check them out today.