Long Hoodie Best of the Best – Get Comfy!

What could be better than getting cozy by a fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate or snuggling up with your favorite pet friend and a good book or waking up to the smell of pancakes on a crisp, cool morning? Doing all those things while wearing a long hoodie to keep you warm! There are so many cozy moments that would be made even better with cozy clothes to match the occasion. We want to take you through our list of some of the most cozy sweaters ever created and tell you a little about why we love them and where you can get your own. 

My #1 Pick for the Best Long Hoodie

MEROKEETY Long Hoodie Knit Sweater

  • Contouring fit Cozy look
  • Comfortable feel for cool days
  • Good size pockets
  • Playful and fashionable look
  • Material maintains shape after washing
  • Breathable material

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The Pros of Wearing Cozy Clothing

There is actually some science that tells us what the benefits of clothing are. Studies have shown that by wearing clothing you’re comfortable in, you’re more likely to be friendly to others and tend to be in more of a creative mood. This is part of the reason why some fortune 500 companies are beginning to shy away from having any sort of hardcore dresscode. They want their employees to feel free to express themselves so that those creative expressions found in their clothing choices might spill over into their work. 

What Makes for a Cozy Piece of Clothing

Of course the number one factor in choosing a comfortable piece of clothing is the material it’s made from however there is more to it than just that. The fit is incredibly important. Something slightly on the baggy side tends to invite cozy, relaxing and calming feelings whereas something on the more fitted side may express feelings of excitement, energy and a desire to get up and move. 

How to Select The Best Long Hoodie for Girls

The best long hoodie is a hoodie that evokes certain feelings or certain memories. For example, feelings of comfort like when you come in out of the rain and put on a warm, dry sweater or cozy feelings like sitting by a fire in the evening under the stars with friends.  It should also fit a bit baggy while still being feminine looking. This is tricky to accomplish which makes it all that much more rare when you do find the perfect sweater. 

Long Hoodie Reviews

MEROKEETY Long Hoodie Knit Sweater

The Merokeety long knitted hoodie is made from a rayon blend of hypoallergenic materials. This is more of a classy-cozy look at an amazing price point. Perfect for a girl-next-door look or something warm to wear in a cool office building. They have sooo many great colors and designs to look for but by far my favorite is the E-bright Stripe. It’s playful and fashionable!

MEROKEETY Hoodie Chart

Zeagoo Long Zip Up Very Long Hoodie

This is a Jersey Hooded sweatshirt made from a Polyester / Cotton / Spandex mix. It features a dipped hem and two side pockets. It manages to maintain a loose fit while remaining super flattering. Designed for lounging, travel, sports or casual work. Enjoy this casual and relaxed look any day of the year. Light enough to be a four-season piece but warm enough to pair well under a longer jacket in the fall and winter. Zeagoo has a great selection of colors to choose from. The navy blue long hoodie looks really cute with a pair of pink leggings. Trust me 🙂

Zeagoo Chart 2

SweatyRocks Long Hoodie

SweatyRocks has a classic-look hoodie that really hits the mark. Great for jumping out of the pool and into something warm or for over a pair of leggings or tighter jeans. This long hoodie has the classic string tie and the traditional kangaroo pocket on the front. With its polyester/spandex material mix it has a light and soft feel, perfect for cool nights by the fire and cocoa with friends. 

NUTEXROL Long Fleece Sweatshirt Hoodie

This hoodies a bit of a novelty find but no mistaking, it packs a comfy punch. Great for those nights in with a movie, it has a soft inner material that will make you want to find someone to cuddle with. Its knee-length design is absolutely perfect for whole-body warmth and the cotton hood will keep those ears toasty. 

Nutexrol Hoodie Chart

Amazon Essentials Longer Full-Zip Hooded Jacket

Sometimes Amazon’s personal brand, Amazon Essentials, really hits a piece of clothing out of the park and it did that with this tech-sport hoodie. A Polyester / Rayon / Elastane material mix helps this mid-weight hoodie provide the warmth you’d expect from superior fabric technologies. Great for tall and curvy women, this long hoodie will not disappoint at all. The one concern is that some did complain of the inner stitching being a bit stiff but that seems to loosen up after a bit of use. 

Amazon Essentials Chart

esstive Long Hoodie

The Esstive Fleece Oversized hoodie gives a true slim-fit feel in a longer length hoodie. If style is your main concern, this could be the hoodie for you. It features easy-to-care-for washing and double kangaroo pouch pockets on the sides. It fits nicely on the shoulders and is still long enough to keep the waist area warm. Some places list this as a fleece hoodie however it’s actually made from a cotton / polyester blend. This looks soooo cute with yogalicious leggings!

Esstive Hoodie Chart

Next time you’re looking for something to keep you cozy and warm on those crisp cool fall evenings or you jump out of the pool and need something to cover up with, why not reach for a long hoodie to get comfy in. Get style and comfort in one of these great hoodies.