Cinch Bag Shopping Guide – Best Quality

I’m sitting on the mat stretching and a lady walks in with a water bottle, towel and phone in one hand; keys and spare clothes in the other. GET A BAG! I didn’t know her at all so I couldn’t say that without sounding crazy or offending her and I felt bad that I couldn’t help. But maybe I can help those of you reading this article pick out a cinch bag that will make your gym visits easier and just a bit more stylish as well!  

My #1 Pick for the Best Cinch Bag

Vooray Flex Cinch Gym Bag

  • Classy and stylish
  • Lots of space for belongings
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Great color selection
  • Great workout motivation
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

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How Do These Bags Compare to the Nike Cinch Bag

The Nike bags seem to be solid enough but when it really came down to it, they didn’t make the list and I’ll tell you why. One of the features I look for in any product I’m purchasing is the way it makes me feel. Am I happy after buying it? Am I excited to wear or use the product? Unfortunately with Nike I have lost my enthusiasm for the brand in general. 

– I’m going to go a little political for one second here if you’ll allow me – Nike seems to have sold its soul to China as of late and it’s really unfortunate. Nikes chief executive John Donahoe recently said “Nike is a brand that is of China and for China” when he was asked a question about competition from Chinese brands. 

I have a hard time supporting a company that holds hands with any sort of communist regime and I’ll be honest, there are so many other amazing brands out there, I didn’t feel the need to support them. If I were to purchase one of their products I would wonder if I was supporting slavery of the Uyghurs, a Muslim minority in China and I just can’t. – Ok, no more politics, I promise –

Are These Small Cinch Bags or Large Drawstring Bags

These are the high quality, large drawstring backpack or gym sack bags that you can use to carry things to the gym or travel with. They make a great purse substitute if you’re looking for something sporty or something with a little more room yet are lighter than a bookbag or gym bag would be. These bags also have a little more function built into them with added pockets and reinforced seams, unlike the freebies they hand out at concerts and sports events. 

Cinch Bag Reviews

Vooray Ultra-Durable Flex Cinch Bag Gym Drawstring Backpack Sackpack

Vooray Cinch Bag

This was my number one pick. I absolutely love it! The Vooray Flex Cinch bag is the type of bag that looks so good it will motivate you to workout just so you can use it. It’s actually fun to own, it looks so good. With 5 classy colors/patterns to choose from you may just want to get a couple to add some variety. I went with the Cheetah myself. 

Things I love about this bag? Well it can carry everything you could possibly need to really work that workout. Clothes, phone, flip flops, wallet, snacks, and it even has a pocket designed to hold your water bottle tight so it’s not floating around your bag, leaking on everything. 

The front pocket is the perfect size for a cell phone or wallet although the inner pocket is a safer place for those types of things. The pockets are also fairly deep all things considered. 

I like that it’s large enough to hold my things but not so large that it looks big when I wear it. The shoulder straps are comfortable enough and are adjustable, thank goodness because I hate when a bag or backpack rides too low on my back. 

ASICS Sanction Cinch Sackpack

This is a solid gym bag. Gym bags aren’t meant to carry everything you own in them, just the things you need for the gym which is why I like cinch bags in the first place, but the Asics Sanction cinch bag exceeds expectations. 

As far as durability goes, I read that many people have washed their bag without any issues. I haven’t tried that yet but I’ll update if I do and I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t handle that well. The shoulder straps are a thicker shoelace type strap so if you’re carrying a bunch of heavy things in your bag that may irritate your shoulder but again, cinch bags aren’t for lugging around bricks. 

The bottom of the bag has extra thick material to protect your belongings and also to make the bag more durable. The slides have two mesh pockets for a water bottle or other items and a zippered pocket for valuables. I wouldn’t stick your wallet or keys in the mesh areas of course as they might get stolen so it’s nice to have the zipper one as well. 

It comes in three great colors with the pink being my personal favorite. 

Asics Cinch Bag

Under Armour Adult Undeniable 2.0 Sackpack
Cinch Bag

There are two features Under Armour excels at when it comes to designing their cinch bags, functionality and color choice. They have a huge selection of colors to shoes from including some really funky ones like Blue Flannel which is a paint splatter looking design and Seaglass Blue which has a very stormy feel to it. Really cool!

The UA Undeniable cinch bag has some really great details including a key ring on the front, extra deep pockets and a special “sternum” clip as they call it which helps you adjust how the bag sits on your back. It’s supposed to help disperse the weight of the backpack more evenly, reducing the weight on your shoulders and it seems to work to some degree. 

Back to the pockets. The front pocket is lined with a soft interior material to help protect your phone or watch from scratches. A nice little extra feature. The middle pocket is divided into three sections. 2 smaller pocket areas and the main pocket area. Great for organizing. The final pocket (which is the main, large pouch area of the bag) is where your clothes and shoes would go and it’s a good size for your workout gear

Under Armour Cinch Bag

Adidas Unisex Classic 3S Cinch Bag

This was one I liked but it had one flaw that may be a deal breaker. I’ll get to that at the end though. First, the good!

Just like the UA, there is a really great color selection. Definitely a color for everyone. It has a simple but functional design with that traditional Adidas feel to it. They used a water resistant material that seems to work really well at keeping things dry.

The double drawstring shoulder straps are nice and help relieve the stress on your shoulders that you might feel if it was a single strap. The zipper on the side pocket feels like it’s a decent quality zipper and the pocket easily fits a wallet, keys or a phone. 

The one flaw that may be a deal breaker to some people is the length of the straps. If you are at all petite in the upper body area you may find this hangs too far down your back side. I didn’t find it too big a deal but I’m quite tall so I could see if someone was a bit shorter, how it may be frustrating having it sit so low. 

Adidas Cinch Bag

These are some great options for cinch bags that can really add to your stylish look as well as make your trip to the gym a bit more hassle-free. Don’t be the lady with a dozen things in her hand, walking into yoga class. GET A BAG! Lol

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