Cashmere Leggings Buyers Guide – Cashmere or Rat Fur?

Cashmere Leggings Featured Image

It can be a real challenge finding the perfect pair of winter pants. When I’m sitting by the fire in the evening, listening to ice rain pelt the tin roof I want maximum comfort. I’m looking for something as comfy, cozy and warm as I can possibly get. This is where my cashmere leggings fit … Read more

Lululemon Joggers – The Best of the Best and LookAlikes

Lululemon Joggers Featured Image

I love running, well jogging would be the more precise term I guess, but I absolutely love it. It’s a great time to get lost in deep thought or listen to your favorite music or just feel the freedom flowing in the cool evening breeze. It’s a magical time! And shopping for fitness clothing seems … Read more

Pink Shorts – My Top Picks and Why

Pink Shorts

Pink shorts are something extra special. They pack a mean color punch and seem to scream athletics. They almost exude energy and when I’m running or working out that’s what I need more than anything else, bursts of energy. So I put together a list of some of my absolute favorite pink shorts and go … Read more

White Tennis Skirt – Perfect for the Court – Reviews

White Tennis Skirt Featured Image

It’s summer and the weather is hot and balmy. It’s the perfect morning for a game of tennis before the temperature really sores. You grab your racket, ball and gym bag only to realize that you only have your black joggers and you’ll roast as things heat up for the day. Why not try out … Read more