Cashmere Leggings Buyers Guide – Cashmere or Rat Fur?

It can be a real challenge finding the perfect pair of winter pants. When I’m sitting by the fire in the evening, listening to ice rain pelt the tin roof I want maximum comfort. I’m looking for something as comfy, cozy and warm as I can possibly get. This is where my cashmere leggings fit the bill perfectly. However, when I’m headed out the door to spend the day skiing or maybe just running to the store quickly to pick up something for dinner, then warmth, function and looks are my main concerns. At this point I may turn to my merino wool or cashmere knock-offs to get me through the trip. So let’s look at the pros and cons of both materials so you can purchase the type that will work best for you!

Best High-End Cashmere Leggings

Citizen Cashmere

  • 100% Pure Cashmere
  • Side Pockets
  • High Fashion Leggings
  • Super cute
  • Extra Comfortable
  • High Quality material

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Best Budget Cashmere Inspired Leggings


  • Cashmere, Wool Blend and Viscose
  • Light and Comfortabel
  • Great for jogging or workouts
  • Super cute
  • Strechy Waistband
  • Run Just a Bit Small

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Cashmere VS Merino Wool

There are some rather striking differences between Cashmere and Merino wool, especially when it comes to using them for clothing.


Cashmere is a luxury fiber that comes from a few special breeds of goats. It’s a very warm material and a fair bit softer than Merino wool making it a very popular choice for high end winter wear. It has a greater ability to keep you warm than Merino wool. If it’s cool enough in the evening or you’re spending the week in the mountains you may want to wear it in the summer as well. A light cashmere material can also insulate against the heat keeping you cool in hot weather but it’s definitely more often used in winter months.

Merino Wool

Merino wool comes from Merino sheep. It has a very high insulation value allowing you to stay warm in the winter (though not as warm as Cashmere) and keeping you cool in the summer. As far as comfort goes, it falls somewhere between softer than regular sheep wool and more coarse than cotton. Not something you want in all your clothing but great for certain clothing under the right circumstances.

Is Cashmere Harvesting Humane

Cashmere harvesting is a major industry in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and India. Some cashmere goats can also be found in Texas and other states in the South. These are goats specifically designed to produce cashmere fur or hair used in the clothing industry. Similar to sheep shearing, goat shearing can be a very humane practice. Whether or not it is really depends on the handler and how gentle they are with their goats.

Cashmere Leggings India

India is one of the largest markets when it comes to exporting woolen leggings wholesale as well as cashmere lined leggings. They also export some of the highest quality winter leggings with fur inside like thermal leggings for winter and cashmere sweater.

Why is Cashmere so Expensive

Collecting cashmere from goats is an extremely labour intensive activity. Similar to sheep shearing, the coat is sheared from off the goat with specially designed shears. Another reason for the high price tag is just how little you can get off the goat. Sheep tend to produce 4-5 times the amount of fur giving them a large, fluffy coat whereas goats have much shorter hair. 

Cashmere has several characteristics that make it a highly sought after commodity. It tends to be much softer than traditional sheeps wool and has a high loft index. A high loft means that the material will be extremely lush, plush and silky giving it a luxurious look and feel.

Problems in the Cashmere Industry

Due to the high price of Cashmere, it is ripe with fraud. Some products are described as Cashmere while they are actually made with synthetic materials or other wools such as Merino or bleached Camel fur. There are even stories of five Chinese-run clothing manufacturers in Rome who created a concoction of furs including rat fur, and then labeled it as Cashmere.

Cashmere Leggings Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a great place to find some of the best cashmere pants and cashmere pants set. They have a great selection of cashmere casual pants and 100% cashmere tights

Temptlife Cashmere Leggings

I hear a ton about Temptlife Cashmere Leggings and unfortunately the temptlife reviews I’ve read are not great. At the time of writing, the Better Business Bureau customer review rating gives them a one out of five which leads me to believe some of what I’ve read about their fleece lined leggings! If things change and their score improves I will gladly update my findings.


Lululemon Cashmere Leggings

Many people have asked why I don’t include the cashmere Lululemon leggings with pockets but from what I’ve seen, it appears they have discontinued selling them and to be honest, I’m not sure it was ever a real thing, at least from what I can tell. They do have a ton of other great Lululemon brushed leggings however so I would definitely go check them out. 

Snowmas Cashmere Leggings

Snowmas is another company that creates some of the best cashmere leggings with pockets, cashmere lined leggings, cashmere wool leggings and cashmere thermal leggings.

High-End 100% Cashmere Leggings Reviews

These are merchants who have a reputation of delivering the highest quality cashmere available. They guarantee pure, 100% cashmere products 

Citizen Cashmeres 100% Pure Cashmere Leggings

Citizen Cashmere is one of the world leaders in cashmere production. From start to finish they keep a close eye on every detail of the process which is easy for them to do as they own the entire supply chain. They take care of their goats, shear their fabric and oversee the design and manufacturing of the clothing from start to finish. Historically, they have supplied cashmere to many of the leading clothing manufacturers around the globe but they are now cutting out the middleman and have created their own line of incredible clothing. 

What’s also nice about this company is that they are environmentally conscientious by using non-toxic and aquatic-friendly dyes. 

Citizen Cashmere Leggings

State Cashmeres 100% Pure Cashmere Leggings

State Cashmere promises 100% pure cashmere from the rugged hills of Mongolia. Inner Mongolia produces some of the softest cashmere on the market. State Cashmeres founder, Hao, comes from a family of goat lovers and raisers who take special pride in producing healthy, happy livestock. 

State Cashmere offers several other services outside of designing incredibly soft and comfortable cashmere leggings and clothing. They will soon be repairing stressed, torn and worn cashmere clothing in an effort to keep cashmere out of the landfills. Cashmere recycling is an important concept for them as well and they are working to begin a buy-back recycling program in the near future for futures sake. 

Budget Cashmere Leggings Reviews

These leggings may be from a lower quality cashmere, a blended cashmere that may include sheep wool and/or synthetics or may not include enough information to determine their true origin, materials or quality. That being said, they still may have a place in our wardrobe. Sometimes there are situations where wearing cashmere is overkill or just not practical. Babysitting those extra drooly, apple sauce spilling babies may be one example or if you’re working around the house but you still want a soft, warm comfort feel. 

Daimidy Women’s Cashmere Leggings

These are a cashmere-wool blend but there is no real way to tell what percentage is actual cashmere. That being said, they are also incredibly comfortable and mimic a cashmere feel, oh and they’re a really cool design too. They have a knitted look to the outside of them. Some people find the waistband a bit too tight but others were over the moon with them so size up one size to be certain you get the fit you like. A tie string helps cinch the waist tight and two good size pockets are great for a phone or keys. 

Daimidy Cashmere Leggings

Niyokki High Waisted Fleece Lined Leggings

Niyokki has done it again, this time with their fleece lined leggings. They’ve created a really cozy pair of leggings that are also designed to flatter every part of your lower half. They have butt-lift technology built into the back side. Everything was great with these except for one thing, the inconsistent sizing. Everyone suggested going one size up as they fit a bit on the smaller side however I found that this left space around the waist while being a bit snug in the backside area. Could just be my body shape too I suppose. A second pair, same size fit just right so I’m not convinced they are all created equal. Now the real question is, are they really Cashmere. They are advertised as cashmere however I saw nothing that would lead me to believe they were anything other than fleece, nice fleece, but fleece. I’m not calling them liars but just be aware that I could find nothing about them having any cashmere in them, just fleece, cotton and spandex. 

Niyokki Cashmere Leggings

Alternative Fabric Cashmere-Free Leggings Reviews

These are leggings designed with synthetic fabrics for hypoallergenic purposes or other types of well known traditional fabrics that do an amazing job keeping you warm and cozy all winter long. 

Baleaf Fleece Lined Winter Leggings

Ok, so right off the bat there are a few really great things to tell you about. 

One: These look amazing on. They fit so perfectly I can’t believe it. 

Two: There is a large hidden pocket in the waistband and you can get them with or without side pockets

Three: You get a huge color selection with these leggings

These are my two favorite things about these leggings. Then there is the comfort factor. These are so comfortable. Now these are not Cashmere, nor do they pretend to be, however they have that great cozy feel that we are so often looking for without the huge price tag that comes with 100% cashmere leggings

Baleaf Cashmere Leggings1

Yeokou Sherpa Fleece Lined Sweatpants

These “cashmere-like” leggings are the pinnacle of comfort. They aren’t skin tight like some of the other leggings on this list. These have more of a jogging pant look and feel being a bit more on the baggy side. Comfort without restriction. Lots of room to move around. This is the type of pants I love to wear around the house but would probably change out of them if I were going to the store, unless it’s a late night quick trip maybe. Yeokou made these joggers or leggings with a polyester lining. It’s super cozy and soft on the legs. I often can’t wait to change out of my day-clothes and lounge in these by the fire or TV. 

There is a fairly big difference between cashmere leggings and fleece or cashmere-wool blended leggings when it comes to quality, cost and softness but each can still have its place in any wardrobe. A more expensive pair for an evening out, a faux-pair (if you will) for working around the house or in the yard or a pair if you’re just trying to save a little and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of luxury to save a little this month. There are lots of ways both types can bring you a bit of joy and a super cozy feeling as you live life to its fullest this fall.