Brown Leggings Best Looks and Value

All leggings are not created equal so it only makes sense to find the best of the best at the best price if you can. But how? Well we’ve done a bit of the legwork for you and come up with our top pairs of brown leggings so that you can just sit back and enjoy them without spending hours scouring the internet. 

My #1 Pick for the Best Brown Leggings

Aoxjox Brown Leggings

  • Contouring fit material
  • Fitted look
  • 2 piece set for comparable price of one piece
  • Compression fit controls all areas without being too tight
  • Material holds sweat well
  • Breathable material

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Where to Find Them

Brown leggings are available everywhere but buying online gives you the added advantage of getting the exact color and size you want. In this article we’re talking about brown leggings but if you visit any of the merchants below you’ll find that the same leggings actually come in a huge array of colors and sizes to choose from. 

Why I Prefer a Brown Leggings Outfit

There are a few reasons that I really like the idea of a brown leggings outfit when I’m hitting the gym or going out and want a sporty feel. First of all, sweat protection and I mean that as it’s harder to see sweat marks on brown clothing I find then it is on white or black colored clothing. That’s just my experience though. I also love the way it matches my brown hair so that may be a bit specific to my look but I think in general it’s a very complimenting sports clothing look. Again, that’s just my opinion and experience. 

What Colors Are Available

There is a huge variety of colors to choose from, not just brown. Why Leggings Depot alone has over 36 different colors to peruse. They even have exotic colors like lime, lilac and charcoal.   

Brown Leggings Reviews

Aoxjox Yoga Brown Leggings Set

The Aoxjox brown yoga leggings are a little different than many of the other leggings on this list. The look is obviously a bit more fitted with its patented contouring fit material. This material not only accentuates the curves and controls different areas of the lower body but it also helps with the fit and feel. I should also mention that these leggings actually come as a 2 piece brown leggings set with a top which is great for looks and simplicity as well. 

These leggings fit like a glove where they are very snug but not uncomfortably so. It’s a bit of a compression fit to really help with overall lower body control. It just seems to hug in all the right places without being overly tight.

There is no worrying about the waist rolling down, they are wonderfully breathable and not too thick with a good amount of stretch to them. 

My one complaint may be that they are almost a bit too thin while doing deep squats or lots of bending but the material holds sweat well without letting it show. A really great find in my opinion.


Conceited Brown Leggings

Conceited makes a mean pair of leggings. Incredibly soft and outrageously comfy. These are the type of leggings you can wear out when you go dancing or to the mall and look great with a long sweater or crop top. I was quite skeptical at first glance thinking the quality might not quite be there however I was totally wrong. One other thing to mention is that they are not see-through so you can feel comfortable and confident you’re not putting on a show for anyone. 

Sizing is on par for the most part and they are a bit stretchy feeling so I think I can easily continue to wear these after growing a size or two even.


Leggings Depot Brown Cotton Leggings

If you’ve ever bought leggings online before then you’re probably familiar with Leggings Depot. They are a huge seller of all types of leggings in all types of colors but they went above and beyond with these I feel, maybe even topping my SPANX. 

True to size for most people, I however found them a tad on the large side. I wouldn’t hesitate buying one size down in my case however double check the sizing for yourself to be sure. The fit was good and I didn’t feel like they were going to fall or that they were overly baggy, even with my size preference. I did find they shrunk ever so slightly after the first wash. Which reminds me, make sure you always wash and dry leggings inside out to avoid pilling. 

All in all, very comfortable and I would definitely buy them again in the future. 

Leggings Depot

Natural Feelings High Waisted Brown Yoga Leggings

Shopping for leggings online can often be a tedious and challenging adventure. It’s hard to know what exactly you’re going to get when you open that package. Could be amazing and could be disastrous, I’ve had it both ways. But these brown leggings from Natural Feelings were impressive to say the least. First impression? Almost the exact same as some high-end brand name leggings. 

These are super soft while not being so thin that they end up see-through (though if you opt for other colors like white you may find them more see-through.  They have a great fit, especially around the hips and midriff area which can be tricky to navigate on some people. Perfect for wearing under a skirt or summer dress. 

These are very stretchy and stay put while bending, stretching or squatting. The elastic around the waste is comfortable as well. 

Natural Feelings

We Fleece Brown Leggings

So these We Fleece brown leggings are by far some of the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. The material is incredibly soft and breathable, they support key areas that are often trouble while working out such as the belly area and hips and they are not see through, keeping you covered and confident. 

One concern about them is that the color did fade a little after the first few washes but not so bad that I would stop wearing them. Just not as strikingly bright as they were when I opened the package. 

There is a pocket for your phone which is great for listening to tunes while you run which is a real plus over some of the others. 

We Fleece

It can be tricky to find just the right pair of leggings. If your heart’s not 100% set on brown leggings perhaps nude leggings is more your style and that’s not a reference to any color but rather the fit of the leggings. Either way you’re certainly bound to find something you’re looking for in one of these amazing pairs from above and then you can get back to your workouts!