Inspired by Athleta Skort Best Dupes and Reviews

Skorts have always had their place in the golf and tennis worlds but as of late they have begun finding their way back into everyday life. This renewed popularity comes in the wake of people wanting more comfort and more options as they workout more often from home. The Athleta skort brand has always been the go-to skort brand for exercising but the price can cause them to be a bit financially out of reach for some. So we’ve taken the time to review our favorite skirts and skorts that are even better than Athleta skort dupes to help you be comfortable and keep a little cash in your wallet.  

Athleta Match Point Printed Skort

The Athleta Match Point skort is made from a light, sleek fabric. Designed for all types of workout and sports scenarios, it features built in shorts with a phone pocket to secure valuables. Check out the following clothing choices that outperform Athleta Skort dupes for a similar look and feel. 

Icyzone Athletic Tennis Skirts, Running Skirts and Golf Skorts

The icyzone Athletic Tennis skirt is very similar to the Match Point but with even more color options to choose from. It offers a polyester cotton mix to help keep you cool as you train and play and to help wick sweat away. Just like the Match Point, a phone pocket is built into the shorts however on the opposite side is a ball pocket as well to really increase the functionality of this skirt.   

Icyzone Skort Chart

Athleta Ace Tennis Skort

The Ace Tennis Skort is a great little number to wear on the tennis court or the golf course. It has a gentle frill to the material and boasts an oversized ball pocket in the shorts underneath. The Ace Tennis Skort from Athleta is available in three colours, black camo, Fiji Magnolia Purple and Fiji Medieval Violet. Check out the following  for a similar look and feel. 

QUEENIEKE Ultra Tennis and Golf Skirt

Another great skort inspired by the Athleta Match Point dupe is the Queenieke Ultra Skirt lineup. They are well known for their tennis skirts / skorts. With similar features such as a back waist pocket, inside phone pocket, sweat wicking materials and a very similar look, it’s hard to go wrong with this skort. 

Perhaps the only larger difference is the more defined pleats on the back of the Queenieke. It’s hardly noticeable but it’s there. Another difference (though a real bonus) is that they have included a headphone cable hole on the side of the skirt to make listening to music while you run much easier. 

Queenieke has one of the best selection of updated tennis skorts or tennis skirts available. With 20+ colors and designs to choose from, they have something for everyone. Many prefer this skirt over brand names. They are very flattering, not too short and made from a really great fabric that wicks sweat while keeping you cool. Just like the Ace Tennis Skort, the QUEENIEKE has a back waist pocket to store cards or cash and a hidden pocket for your phone with a headphones cable hole. 

One of the main differences I came across was that the pleats were much more defined in the QUEENIEKE and they were in the back only. The front has a more smooth look. 

Queenieke Skort Chart

Athleta Chelsea Cargo Skort

The Chelsea Cargo Skort has a mixed look, somewhere between a classy feel and a sporty theme. In an effort to maximize comfort Athleta has opted for a tie string waistband with an elastic to keep the skirt in place while running or stretching. I find the two large pockets on the sides a bit distracting but they do come in handy when looking for space to store valuables. Check out the following for a similar look and feel. 

COOrun Athletic Skort

he COOrun Athletic skort has a visually similar look and shape to the Chelsea Cargo Shorts. A long and narrow slimming feel without compromising on comfort. Built in mesh biker shorts help keep your legs cool while providing comfort, support and coverage. Included in the mesh shorts is a hidden phone pocket. This skort is absolutely perfect for taking you from workout to shopping to life around the home. 

Athleta Brooklyn Skort

The Brooklyn Skort was designed to be a classy skirt that is actually a skort. The inner shorts are soft and comfortable with a wider waistband. Available in three standard colors, this makes for a great office skirt or dressier home skort. 

Willit Golf and Active Hiking Skort

Designed for the active woman, this skort set is great for golf, tennis, hiking and so much more. Made from a quick drying material this skort pairs a great look with killer functionality. With four pockets in total these shorts make storing valuables super easy. As an added bonus, this skort has built in sun protection to help keep harmful rays off your skin. 

BALEAF High Waisted Golf, Tennis and Athletic Running Skort

Baleaf has always been a high quality designer. In the case of the High Waisted Golf / Tennis Skirt they didn’t hold back at all. A more modern look really shapes the feel of these. The high waist offers excellent stomach control and provides the needed space for a back waist pocket. 

Athleta Run With It Skort

Athletas Run With It Skort is a winner in so many different ways. It has a very simple look to it but feels great both on and off the court. With a similar back waist pocket to the Athleta Ace Tennis Skort, you’ll have no problem keeping valuables close by you for safe keeping. 

CHICHO Athletic Skort

Chichos Athletic Tennis Skirt is made from a polyester-spandex mix. It’s the perfect material for wicking away moisture while keeping you cool. Its breathable mesh lining offers a soft, non-shrinkable, non-fading, fabric aimed at helping you stay comfortable while working on your game. 

One of the only drawbacks to this skort is that some complain of the material being a bit thin. To some this may also be a positive feature as a thin material can be a cool material as well and that’s a major bonus when playing hard.

Athleta SOHO Skort

The Athleta SOHO Skort is based around the idea that you can dress sporty for working out and for around the office while maintaining a modest appearance. The Athleta SOHO skort is available in several earth-tone colors.

KORALHY Golf and Tennis Skorts

The Koralhy Athletic Golf Skort shares a large number of similarities with the SOHO skort. A set of back pockets are perfect for storing your office key card, access card or credit cards for safe keeping. The mesh fabric shorts underneath are perfect for keeping you cool, offering support or just so you can relax in comfort. 

These flattering shorts / skirt / skort are the perfect length and are great for long-distance running as they help prevent chafing and stay in place rather than riding up.

Koralhy Skort Chart

Skorts can be a great alternative to your regular workout clothing. They offer the flexibility of shorts to keep you cool and covered with the classy looks and breezy appeal of a skirt. With so many different options to choose from it can be easy to find the perfect outfit at a fraction of the Athleta Skort prices.